Discreet Advanced Concierge Luxury Rehab for the discerning clientele
from the U.S., Canada, Europe, India & The Middle East
a hybrid of a U.S. medical boards model

Do you require sophisticated European concierge rehabilitation? For addiction treatment and dual diagnosis disordersThe Scott © Where 5 Star Treatment Meets Hospitality.

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Our most requested destinations (yet not limited too) are France, or Italy.

Why choose The Scott © concierge boutique treatment at a European chateau? For advanced treatment, and complete privacy. It is considered a clinical "Reboot". You step away from your complex dysfunctional environment for comprehensive medical, or clinical treatment care within the framework of a luxurious, prestigious chateau setting, while engaged intensively with a team of the finest doctors, and other experts for the duration.


The number one reason we are sought by our clientele is because American doctors hold the highest credentials and are the most experienced in the fields of addiction and pain-management.


Our clientele hail from America, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia & the Middle East.

You are highly educated, conservative, liberal, sophisticated, you have assistants taking care of your affairs or you are a deeply concerned family member that requires help for your son(s), wife, daughter, relative or dear friend.

You are typically from Europe, UAE, Dubai, or Middle East requiring luxury rehab in Europe.


1. You are a family member currently in the U.S. & require help for your loved one in Europe.

2. You reside in Europe and require discreet intensive treatment in Europe.

3. You are from the Middle East and have a loved one alone in Europe that requires treatment.

4. You are from the Middle East and will fly in your whole family for holiday while your loved one receives treatment.


You need comprehensive medical or clinical treatment for you or your loved one battling alcoholism, prescription drug addiction or medical concierge requirements in tandem with mental health disorders such as agoraphobia, depression, grief, post traumatic stress disorder, trauma, shopping addiction and other process addictions.

Your requests include the finest multidisciplinary medical or clinical treatment team(s) for superior and exceptional concierge rehabilitation one would expect in a traditional residential treatment centre environment or concierge hospital setting. This may also include personal special requests and Spa Des Concierge © Treatment Des Concierge © Medical Des Concierge © and more.

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Our top-flight multi-disciplinary Treatment Des Concierge © team(s) are from the US & Europe. They are the elite experts that are board certified, licensed and credentialed prominent addiction and mental health PhDs, PsyDs, researchers and original pioneers often sought after by universities, the media and peer-review journals.


Working with the finest experts will accelerate your medical or psychological healing.

  • We provide discreet boutique 5 star addiction, medical and mental health care treatment at your location or ours.
  • Our treatment team(s) of distinguished medical and clinical doctors have developed programs for the top ten treatment centers in America including the Betty Ford Center and/or were medical directors of hospitals.
  • All treatment protocols are scientific and evidence based.
  • We specialize in tailored made treatment tracks fitted to our clientele, families and doctors assessments and clinical testing.
  • Our speciality are 5 star concierge medical and clinical requests.


  • The U.S., France & Saudi Arabia are facing a prescription drug epidemic with overdoses happening every minute? You are not alone.
  • Collectively our medical and clinical treatment team have over 100 years of personal wellness and over 75 years of medical and clinical expertise.
  • We understand that families and friends do the very best they can to help their loved one, yet despite their devoted compassion or lack thereof they are enabling the afflicted and continuing the vicious cycle. It is time for a comprehensive treatment team of doctors.
  • You or your loved one has more than likely never been clinically tested.
  • Case Study: Client has been in and out of six different treatment centres. There has never been one clinical test performed and not one of these centres has ever included family treatment with any family member. That would be like a medical doctor guessing your diagnosis vs. physiological testing.
  • Treatment has been proven to be much more effective outside of the four white walls of treatment in a naturalistic setting. Centres cannot afford to travel nor would their insurance carriers approve.
  • Most treatment centres employ individuals with counseling degrees for profit margins (and many are not even certified) vs. a treatment team(s) possessing the highest credentials.
  • Most treatment centres provide a very limited number of hours and interaction with professionals per insurance restrictions.
  • Our CEO is not on your medical or clinical treatment team establishing undivided care. We have to ask how can a CEO run a business and provide intensive medical or clinical care for you or your loved one? You require complete and dedicated attention without distractions to reclaim your health, wellbeing and your life.

Do you feel like your family is falling apart due to addiction and/or a dual diagnosis disorder?

Please know you are not alone. Many families feel exactly like you.

The Scott © presents Family Des Concierge © Couple Des Concierge ©. Please click here to find out more.

Spa Des Concierge © Care

Spa Des Concierge © should be an expected addiction treatment service in any treatment centre milieu. Clients have been physically and mentally tortured by addiction to alcohol, prescription drug addiction, illicit drug abuse for years to decades. What we find surprising is that treatment centres do not provide spa therapies. The reason for this is that it cuts directly into their profits. We make every diligent effort to help our clientele and family heal. This tried and true ancient healing technique is all-inclusive.

Did you know that scientific research has discovered that spa therapies lower stress levels?

For any further question call our 24 HOUR HELPLINE: 888.827.7736 or email us at: info@the-scott.com

Member of WAATME (World Accreditation of Addiction Treatment Mark of Excellence)

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