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a hybrid of a U.S. medical boards model

Treatment Des Concierge © Do you require immediate concierge treatment?
Doctors, experience, flexibility, performance and privacy?
The Scott © executes concierge rehabilitation & medical concierge treatment.

We are a discreet boutique concierge rehab

  • Treatment Des Concierge © :

    Our treatment team(s) are board certified, licensed, credentialed and/or possess multiple licenses. They are the foremost prominent medical and clinical seasoned veterans from the United States & Europe. They are the elite experts for alcohol addiction treatment, pain management doctors, drug addiction treatment, dual diagnosis specialists and other mental health disorders. Firstly they are physicians, doctors, PhDs, PsyDs with other credentials, licenses or certifications. Some of whom have achieved long-term wellness. They are either the original researchers or have led or developed treatment programs in the top 10 treatment centers in the U.S. Our distinguished doctors are often sought by the media, press and prestigious peer review journals.

  • Medical Des Concierge ©

    Do you require an elite specialty medical concierge team? Do you need a medical detox? Are your medical conditions or pain-management ailments complex? Have you been working with a local roster of physician(s) and your care is fragmented and detached? The Scott © specializes in medical concierge special requests and medical detox. We have worked with some of the most challenging medical cases in the United States and abroad. In order to formally address your medical plan effectively you require a cohesive concierge team of seasoned veterans of the highest level to manage or resolve your condition. White glove attention to detail and the correct medical specialists are flown-in just for you. This plan may be bow-tied with Spa Des Concierge © Treatment Tourism © and more.

  • Treatment Home Healthcare ©

    The Scott Treatment Home Healthcare © is practiced by U.S. Medical Boards. It is a treatment model our doctors have adopted and successfully turned into a hybrid. An engagement in Treatment Home Healthcare © may be from one month to five years with our prominent multidisciplinary treatment team(s). Our clientele, families and/or defendants thrive in Treatment Home Healthcare ©. To find out more please visit our Treatment Home Healthcare © link.

  • Treatment Tourism ©

    Do you want rest, relaxation and rehabilitation? We have stunning concierge beachfront locations with the top-flight multidisciplinary medical and/or clinical treatment team(s) in unparalleled remarkable locations framed by flora, fauna, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. A clinical reboot in a tropical location with the finest doctors on your treatment track in tandem with Treatment Home Healthcare © is a scientifically proven model.

  • Couples Des Concierge ©

    Our Couples Treatment Center protocol #CouplesTreatmentCenter or #CouplesRehab was developed unexpectedly when our clientele requested to include their partner in treatment. This is how Couple Des Concierge © was refined. Many couples are embattled in a vicious cycle of addiction, co-dependency, experiencing mental or emotional abuse, and many times children, or businesses are involved. We provide two-week intensives, to include couple assessments, and advanced concierge treatment categorically created for couples. The majority of our professionals have all been in long-term marriages or relationships. We have experience helping couples to grow forward either together or separately. It is much less costly both emotionally and financially to involve a team of advanced concierge clinical doctors instead of a team of divorce attorney's, or to navigate through this change as swiftly, and peacefully as possible. We have also helped couples to renew their vows, and/or can provide proposals in exotic locations.
    "Couple Des Concierge © is revolutionary and forward-thinking" ~ Top Relationship Doctor in the U.S.

  • Family Des Concierge ©

    Our doctors will address fragile physical, emotional, mental and spiritual illness to wellness disciplines clearing a path for family healing. Our Family Des Concierge © plan at The Scott © is an integrative intensive non-invasive educational rehabilitative plan tailored to your family needs with intimate presentations addressing various family dynamics and regained recovery. Family Des Concierge © is available to any family member that is affected by a loved ones alcohol addiction, prescription drug addition, illicit drug addiction, pain-management, agoraphobia, anger, anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma and other mental health disorders.
    Family Des Concierge © is evidence-based. Studies have proven and The Scott © has discovered family healing and education is key to long-term success.

  • Business Des Concierge ©

    Developed expressly for stressed out business leaders, and executives confronted with addictions, and other behavioral health challenges in their business, and personal lives. We assess, and create a structured framework of treatment that will allow the individual to balance their focus on urgent interventions to immediately address business, behavioral, and family health, in tandem with innovative wellness strategies for clients who have extraordinarily demanding responsibilities. We have discovered that many individuals whom attain unimaginable levels of success in the business environment, suffer from stress, depression, addiction, lack of fulfillment, and purpose, regardless of their achievements in the corporate world. Our team of specialty executives are adept at ingeniously helping individuals to reorganize and/or rediscover personal fulfillment, family life, executive functioning, emotional and mental well-being into a new, and fulfilling lifestyle.

  • Fitness Des Concierge ©

    There are a certain portion of clientele requesting fitness therapy bow-tied into their treatment plan. Fitness therapeutic adventures may range from light beach or trail walks, to bucket-list adventure activities, to robust triathlon training. We are experienced at creating a fitness plan to accommodate all requests. Here are a few examples: Old-timey paddling and canoeing in exotic islands, deep-sea fishing by moonlight, biking in the wilderness, horseback riding on the beach, open water swimming, cultural dancing, nature reserve walks, exotic surfing, luxury fitness tours, and more.

  • Spa Des Concierge ©

    Since ancient times spa therapy has been a part of traditional medicine in age-old cultures. Many of our clients have ignored their hygiene for months or even years, or they are uncomfortable being out in public. Physical wellness plays a distinctive role in successful rehabilitation. We help heal our clientele with unsurpassed and impeccable spa treatments. Our specialty is creating a Mother-Nature spa inspired environment with everything from pure indulgence outdoor massages (sometimes twice per day), to a poolside mani-pedi with tea and fresh fruit, to a simple haircut and a shave. We impart holistic healing modalities contrary to a physically detrimental lifestyle. Did you know that scientific research has discovered that spa therapy lowers stress levels?

  • Hospitalities & Courtesies

    We include all housekeeping, international cuisine with organic fresh food fare, business amenities and ardently aim to provide all other courtesies in your medical and clinical treatment track.

  • A Private Note to our Clientele

    We understand that you may have familial, professional, legal commitments or privacy matters that may not allow you the luxury of checking into a traditional residential treatment center or medical detox facility. You are expecting the same level of care now understanding superior and exceptional concierge rehab is available to you.

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