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Did you know, if you voluntarily check into luxury rehab in Florida, you may not be released?

If you are considering checking into a Florida luxury rehab, medical detox center, addiction treatment center, or any other mental health facility in the State of Florida, you may not know what you are signing up for. I did not and I have been the CEO of The Scott Treatment Des Concierge © for seven years, specializing in addiction rehabilitation. If you have looked into treatment for addiction in Florida, have any of these treatment centers informed you, about The Baker Act? My guess is they have not. I am going to tell you a story about a mature adult named Sharon (Sharon's name has been changed to protect her privacy). Sharon realized she had a problem, and wanted to find help to conquer it. What happened instead was a "Pacific Heights" nightmare. Please, do not let this happen to you or your loved one.

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Does Luxury Rehab Have a Higher Success Rate? YES!

A wise man once commented that “the greatest luxury is to be free.” We do not think he was referring to addiction, but there is little doubt that the sentiment applies. Every year thousands of people make the decision to enter rehab and begin the difficult journey to free themselves of prescription drugs, alcoholism, pain management and more to heal their lives. To finally experience the luxury of being free from the vicious torment that is the abyss of addiction.

It is quite fitting that we should refer to our addiction treatment plans as “luxury rehab”, because our ultimate mission is indeed to set people free.

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The Difference Between Treatment Centers & The Scott Treatment Des Concierge ©

A Note From Our Clinical Director - PhD, scientist-researcher

We offer a collection of on-site specialties, some concentrated on addiction wellness and others centered towards pain management, couple and family issues and typically other measurable long standing cardinal challenges.

Early on, it may be necessary to address detoxification and physical withdrawal symptoms. We provide medical detoxes in any safe setting, from partial-hospitalization, luxury estate, quiet resort, or other medically-sanctioned environment, if safe and appropriate.

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Five Star Treatment: What Does Celebrity Rehab Look Like?

Pool next to the Bungalow

What comes to mind when you think of rehab? For most people it is bland wallpaper, plastic mattresses, intimidating looking medical staff and Amy Winehouse. No wonder so many people have a hard time recovering from drug and alcohol addiction!

The success rate of most rehabilitation programs is shockingly low. Some peer reviewed studies put the popular AA 12-step program at 5-10 percent, while others have speculated that the therapeutic community on a whole can only claim a 30% success rate at best. That is grim reading if you are desperate to overcome your addiction or other disorders or challenges.

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Inpatient vs Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Plate with Flowers

To be an inpatient, or not to be an inpatient, that is the question. And it is often a challenging dilemma for people seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. On one hand there is the urge to retain “freedom” while simultaneously getting the help required to battle addiction, on the other it can be difficult to stay focused on recovery while the daily temptations of life are so easily accessible.

A troubling dilemma indeed. Fortunately at The Scott © we excel at helping clientele and families get well. We can help you decide which the most suitable option is. After all, we are the leaders in concierge luxury rehab.

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