Discreet Advanced Concierge Luxury Rehab for the discerning clientele
in the U.S., Canada, Europe, India, The Middle East, Russia & Asia
a hybrid of a U.S. medical boards model

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What Does "Treatment Des Concierge ©" Mean

Effective short-term or long-term rehabilitation happens only when a cohesive multidisciplinary team is composed of the highest credentialed prominent seasoned doctors in a symphony of concierge care: this is at the heart [...]

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Our Trusted Private Luxury Medical Detox:

At The Scott © we understand the high-crisis medical circumstances you, your family, or a friend are experiencing. You require a luxury medical detox to include sophisticated care, and medical expertise neatly [...]

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Our Mission: Your Health and Wellness

Our clientele hail from around the world. There are no borders with addiction. You are highly educated, refined, concerned families and/or traumatized individuals that desperately want results — our treatment protocols reflect [...]

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Medical Detox

What is a medical detox? A medical detox is an abbreviation for medical detoxification. The definition means a medically assisted alcohol detox, drug detox or opiate detox with a multidisciplinary medical team [...]

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Medical Concierge

Why choose The Scott © luxury medical concierge? Let's begin by telling a little story. There once was a family with a parent that had several surgeries. What the family, and parent [...]

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Alcohol detox

Alcohol detox symptoms carry substantial risk due to the possibility of seizure related to discontinuation. It should ALWAYS be supervised by skilled and experienced professionals. Fortunately, the duration of risk and withdrawal [...]

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Drug detox

The longest drug detox withdrawal is associated with benzodiazepine discontinuation. There is great risk of seizure for at least 7-10 days after stopping their use. This also should ALWAYS be monitored by [...]

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Opiate detox

Opiate-dependent individuals are most fearful of the discomfort associated with an opiate detox. Comfort and inducing adequate sleep are the main goals of our medication regimen. We use a formula of multiple [...]

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Rapid detox

Rapid detox has many critics. The medical establishment is cautious of a quick fix that has not been compared in peer-reviewed clinical trials with traditional treatments. Director of the center of substance [...]

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Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol use disorder, especially when one has graduated to alcoholism is a disorder that requires treatment. It is characterized by physical dependence, cravings and an increasing need for larger amounts of alcohol [...]

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(ag-uh-ruh-FOE-be-uh) is a type of panic and anxiety disorder. The exact cause of agoraphobia is unknown. Agoraphobic individuals have a severe phobia with leaving their homes or being in unfamiliar surroundings. [...]

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If you or your loved one is self-medicating with alcohol or prescription drug addiction they may be masking a co-occurring disorder namely anxiety. Did you know that drinking or ingesting drugs is [...]

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Rehabs - Luxury Rehabs - Celebrity Rehabs

Rehab is an abbreviation for rehabilitation. In the field of addiction and mental health rehab is a commonly referred term for a rehab center, addiction rehabilitation, psychiatric rehabilitation, rehabilitation counseling, alcohol rehab, [...]

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Addiction Recovery

Is addiction recovery really possible? Absolutely, if you are ready. Your wellness will advance if your family participates even if minimally. There is a tremendous amount of hope, scientific research and treatment [...]

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Luxury Rehab

What are the reasons to choose a luxury rehab? The definition of a luxury rehab varies widely. The Scott © luxury rehab endeavors to provide thoughtful and detailed care with every client. [...]

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Oceanfront Treatment Center

Why choose a treatment center on the beach? Since time began the healing powers of mother nature and her waters are curative and calming for human beings. The Scott © has to [...]

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