Discreet Advanced Concierge Luxury Rehab for the discerning clientele
from the U.S., Canada, Europe, India & The Middle East
a hybrid of a U.S. medical boards model

Our Trusted Private #LuxuryMedicalDetox:

At The Scott © we understand the high-crisis medical circumstances you, your family, or a friend are experiencing. You require a luxury medical detox to include sophisticated care, and medical expertise neatly fitted with modern medicine. This is our specialty.

We are a medical concierge with decades of experience in the following venues: medical detox, alcohol detox, pain management, drug addiction treatment, prescription drug detox, opioid detox, medical concierge, and post surgery clientele.

Our team of credentialed medical specialists are there to tend to your discreet care with old-fashioned charm and sterling bedside manner. They are on call when you need them, and you will need them. You may check into one our private luxurious locations on a peaceful white sandy beach, or have our team promptly flown to your current location, or a location of your choosing. Conversely, many individuals have agoraphobia, and are unable to leave their home.

The Scott © medical detox is not for everyone. It is for the individual, and family that do not want a record, require complete discretion due to their family name, business concerns, litigation, or other. Usually the situation is an emergency, and all other attempts have failed. A client will respond favorably when they know their detox experience will be a luxury medical detox to include extreme privacy with a seasoned team of professionals that will fly to them, or you may choose your destination.

The most common legitimate concern for any medical detox is the fear, and worry of feeling ill, and not being comfortable. The addicted individual has either performed a medical detox on their own multiple times (which can be life-threatening), dysfunctional, uncomfortable, and unsuccessful long-term.

Stories we have heard from our clientele include insurance-centric medical detox centers that will immediately eliminate all of a patients medications causing clients extreme withdrawal, unnecessary pain; especially for pain management clients without a pain-management plan in place, putting their lives at risk. Some medical detox centers are not required to have a medical doctor on-site, nor are they required to have any other licensed or certified medical professionals on-site 24/7. We have to ask would you want to have your loved one medically detoxed without medical professionals on-site at a medical detox center? Or at your home?

A medically assisted medical detox is the appropriate protocol to medically detox any patient from controlled substances with a team of caring, knowledgeable, and seasoned medical professionals.

Many individuals are embarrassed by their condition as they are extraordinarily accomplished in society.

Conversely, our clientele are immediately comfortable, and relieved that there is a team of understanding experts whom specialize in discreet luxury medical detoxes.

Additionally, a medical detox will only be successful long term when a treatment plan is in place. An alcohol detox, or prescription drug detox is not where behavior ends. It is where dysfunctional behavior begins. There are multiple underlying reasons a client has come to this impasse ie: stress, anxiety, worry, fear, sleep disorders, family history, grief, physical pain, etc. An individual has used these controlled substances as a coping skill. If a proper treatment plan is not designed for them they will descend right back into the same behavior. The Scott © Two-Week Intensive treatment plan will be imperative, and is a welcome relief for everyone involved.

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