Discreet Advanced Concierge Luxury Rehab for the discerning clientele
from the U.S., Canada, Europe, India & The Middle East
a hybrid of a U.S. medical boards model

FAQIf you have a question you do not see below please contact The Scott © directly. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have

Were you showcased in NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE as one of the "Top 10 Treatment Centers"?

We were showcased in a 2011 issue as "One of the Top 11 Leaders in Treatment".

Were you featured in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER?

Yes we were in 2013.

Are you owned by a pharmaceutical corporation?

We have no affiliation with any pharmaceutical corporation and are not owned or influenced by one which is why we are accredited by WAATME (World Accreditation of Addiction Treatment Mark of Excellence).

Are you owned by a large health corporation?

We are not. We are boutique owned. Many centers are owned by large healthcare corporations. We are privately owned and focus on treatment for alcohol, drug addiction treatment, prescription drug addiction, pain-management, dual diagnosis disorders and much more. Their profit and loss reports are their bottom line.

Are you licensed?

Yes, all of our medical, clinical, holistic treatment experts are board certified, licensed, or credentialed and some of whom have multiple licenses and/or certifications.

What sort of payments do you accept?

Wire Transfer: A clients or families preferred choice. It is the most streamlined method of payment in a high crisis situation and best for IRS purposes.
Checks: We can accept checks and begin services once they clear.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept Insurance. Please read more this on our "Pricing" link.

Do you accept kickbacks from referrals or other treatment centers?

Never. It is unethical to do so and illegal in some states. You have the right to know if you are being referred to another treatment center facility or sober living home and if the referrant is receiving a kickback.

Are you endorsed by any addiction scientific researchers?

Yes we are.

Who is on your treatment team?

They are a distinguished multidisciplinary treatment team(s) with excellent bedside manners and collectively have over 75 years of clinical expertise & 100 years of personal recovery.

Where is your location in the US?

We have discreet luxury estates in the U.S. - convenient to all.

Where is your location in Europe?

We have exclusive and luxurious locations in Europe - convenient to all.

I do not want to check into a treatment center. What is Treatment Home Healthcare ©?

For more information please visit our Treatment Home Healthcare © link.

Now why would you have Spa Des Concierge ©?

Since ancient times spa therapies are scientifically proven to lower stress levels holistically as opposed to prescription drug abuse. Here is what we do not understand: Our competition are charging robust fees, are not including spa accommodations and when a client goes off-site for spa services there are hidden fees. Remember the bottom line for treatment centers owned by large healthcare corporations are all about profit. With us it is personal. Spa therapies raise self-esteem which is especially important for some of our clientele who have not left their home in months or years.

Do you have a treatment schedule? What is a typical day like?

In between breakfast, lunch and dinner our multidisciplinary PhDs, PsyDs, doctors, board certified & more will provide medical, clinical, holistic and spiritual scientifically researched integrated intensive non-invasive treatment and other wellness therapies and more. This is a general idea. Each case is unique.

Excellent. I need business amenities. Is this possible too?

Yes. We will be happy to take care of all business amenities.

Oh and do you offer internet service?

Yes we do.

Are you on a private white sandy beach? Can I just lay down on the white sandy beach and let the gentle waves roll right over me?

Yes. For more information about this please visit our Treatment Tourism © link.

Is the water a liquid see-through turquoise exactly like it is in the pictures and the way I imagine it in my mind?

Yes it is.

This is cool! What sort of a spa elixirs do you offer? Can I have a massage everyday, maybe twice a day and get a coiffeur?

We offer Spa Des Concierge © which you may bow-tie in tandem with your treatment plan.

Is Treatment Tourism © equivalent to medical tourism?

Yes it is. Many US, European, Saudi Arabians & other nationalities have requests for various locations they would like to travel to for a medical detox, addiction treatment, pain-management treatment and more.

What are entry requirements for Pet Des Concierge © when bringing a pet into another country for Treatment Tourism ©?

All countries have diverse laws regarding international pet travel. The quickest way to find out about pet entry requirements is to Google the information.

So let’s get back to that Treatment Home Healthcare © does it really work?

It is a scientifically proven model that we adopted and transformed into a hybrid. The original model is practiced by American Medical Boards requiring addicted physicians to engage in for re-licensure up to five years. It has a 70% to 90% success rate and it is highly effective.

Well, I think I am just going to find myself an after-care plan that should do the trick. Don’t you think that is a good idea? I will save money.

That is like telling Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Pele or Babe Ruth that you are a better athlete than they are. This is a matter of life and death. Our medical & clinical team are the foremost experts with breakthrough addiction research that you do not know about. The ideal course of action is for you to engage The Scott © for at least 30 days preferably 60 days for an intensive interdisciplinary medical detox, addiction treatment, pain-management, prescription drug addiction, etc. addressing underlying dual diagnosis disorders, process addictions and more with the finest handpicked blend of addiction PhDs and more whom are researchers, inventors, collectively with over 100 years of personal recovery, build an evidence based foundation, and continue to get well within a clinical framework of Treatment Home Healthcare ©.

Your Treatment Home Healthcare © sounds great, but it is not going to work for me. Don’t I live too far away?

Our Treatment Home Healthcare © is global and mobile.

What is Treatment Des Concierge ©?

The word concierge is centuries old originating from Comte Des Concierge "Keeper of the candles" who tended visiting nobles. We have rendered a modern day meaning "We bring the light of recovery to you".

Does this mean you can send your distinguished multidisciplinary treatment team to me?

Yes we can.

What type of medical detox do you offer?

We have a medical approach with holistic sensibilities. It is formally called: Medical Des Concierge ©. For more information please visit our link.

I do not like to be called a client. May I please be called a guest?

Yes you may.

Do you listen to your clients? There are things that I know do and do not work for me. Can you work with this?

Yes. We respect our clients and know that their experience is invaluable and many times are just as bright and educated about addiction treatment, prescription drugs and more as our doctors.

I am not an addict. I am a pain-management client. Can you really help me?

We love to help people exactly like you and are saving lives.

I am a professional athlete with very serious pain-management issues. Can you help me with this?

Yes we can. Please inquire within.

How can you clinically help me with my pain-management or depression?

We work with the utmost prominent PhDs, doctors and more in this field of addiction, along with developing the right medical, clinical, holistic and spiritual treatment track for you. Our scientific addiction researchers endorse The Scott ©. They have worked successfully with thousands of individuals and will do so with you.

What do you mean by brain fitness?

One of our PhDs, a scientific researcher, was one of the original pioneers of a scientific therapy. What he has developed is light years away from what any center is using to heal your brain directly effecting an immediate change with your physical pain, depression, anxiety, brain injury and so much more. Did you know that another one of our PhDs healed their own physical pain developing another therapy that worked for them?

Can you tell me about some of that scientific research stuff?

Certainly. More studies have been performed on the brain in the last 30 years than all throughout history leading to brain fitness along with scientifically researched holistic, spa discoveries and aerospace therapies.

Is brain fitness necessary for brain injury?

Yes. There are various reasons individuals have brain injury (also known as brain insult) to include alcohol addiction, drug addiction and similar. We have several non-invasive proven therapies helping to heal these injuries and ignite flexibility, focus, speed, attention and memory.

At other drug rehabs I have walked out on more medications than when I walked in. Will this happen at The Scott?


It seems like you are not supportive of prescription drugs for dual-diagnosis individuals or co-occurring disorders?

We are. What we do not support are medical doctors, psychiatrists or psychopharmacologists prescribing lethal amounts of medications for patients much more than a hospital would administer. For example, if you have been battling pain-management or clinical depression for many years you must be on a certain amount of medication. Conversely, "The biggest and fastest-growing part of America's drug problem is prescription drug abuse," says Robert DuPont, a former White House drug czar and the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. "The statistics are unmistakable." "Prescription drugs cause most of the more than 36,000 fatal overdoses each year" says Leonard Paulozzi of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What are your 5 Star addiction treatment protocols?

We adhere to all scientific and evidence based medical and clinical proven multidisciplinary treatment that begins with a U.S. Medical Board model and hospitality courtesies.

What if I only want intensive scientific-evidence based addiction treatment. Can you do that?

Yes we can.

What if I want to work more with holistic pain-management doctors. Can you do that?

Yes we can.

I really do not like the 12-Step program. May we not include this in my treatment track?

We will absolutely honor this request. Many individuals benefit greatly from 12-Step programs and some do not.

I really do like all that 12-Step program stuff. Can you help me get back into it?

Yes we will.

What if we want our family member to have particular spiritual counseling. Can you that?

Yes we can.

There are other doctors I have been working with. Are you able to collaborate with them?

Yes. If this is your request.

There are other doctors I have been working with that I do not want you to collaborate with. Is this acceptable?

Yes. If this is your request.

Why would you fly in addiction experts for me?

Your life and wellbeing depend on it. Our standards are to provide our clientele exceptional treatment. Both our clients and professionals look forward to traveling to our various locations. If there is a specific area of rehabilitation that we know you will benefit greatly from we will fly in that specialist(s) to work with you directly.

Can you give me an example of what The Scott specializes in?

We specialize in wellness from alcohol addiction, substance abuse, illicit drug addiction, prescription drug addiction, pain-management, dual diagnosis disorders, marital therapy, process addictions ex: shopping addiction, treatment for gambling addiction, sex addiction, pornography addiction, obesity, agoraphobia, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, trauma treatment sleep disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, anger-management, anti-social behavior, bipolar, borderline personality, married to an alcoholic? Family Des Concierge © treatment and other mental health disorders. For example, if you are a chronic alcoholic, cannot stop drinking and are facing legal issues we will intervene with our multidisciplinary team of experts immediately to provide representation with a court case or if you are in dire need of a medical detox in tandem with pain-management and prescription drug addiction treatment this is our specialty.

Will Treatment Home Healthcare © really work for me?

Our multidisciplinary treatment team(s) are fitted to your medical, clinical, holistic and/or spiritual treatment plan. Our Treatment Home Healthcare © is a successful model that we adopted from a U.S. Medical Boards model. If you are ready to get well it will work for you. Please visit our YouTube Room to see how it has worked for others.

Do you provide Interventions? Alcohol interventions? Drug interventions? Prescription drug interventions? Married to an alcoholic interventions? Family Des Concierge © interventions?

Yes we do globally.

Do you have a professional that can fly with me?

Yes we do. We will send them to you so you can arrive safely.

What if I am too drunk or too high to fly?

The airline will kick you off the flight. You must wait until you are a little more alert or you can choose to fly privately.

I cannot leave my home as I am too sick or agoraphobic. Can you help me?

Yes we can.

I am in a very bad environment right now will you please intervene and get me?

Yes we can globally!

How many locations do you have?

Multiple discreet locations in the United States – Europe & our Treatment Tourism ©.

Are your locations Treatment Centers?

United States – Europe & Treatment Tourism © are Treatment Des Concierge © one-on-one boutique locations.

Do you only work with famous clientele?

We work with everyone. Yes, we work with very high-profile clients to executives to housewives and more. Addiction and pain-management do not discriminate.

How long may I engage in Treatment Des Concierge ©?

As short or as long as you like. We suggest at least 30 days, it is always better to stay 60 days. Some individuals need one year or more. It may also be bow-tied with other treatment plans.

How long is a Medical Des Concierge ©?

Each medical detox case is exclusive and unique. We have successfully worked with complex short-term acute medical detox and vacillating long-term medical detox cases such as: alcohol detox, opiate detox, complex prescription drugs detox and more.

I am leaving another treatment facility and I want to come live in one of your treatment facilities for a while until I feel ready to live on my own. Is this possible?

Yes you may.

I just want my chronic alcoholic or drug addicted family member to be as comfortable as possible without checking them into a psychiatric ward. Can you please help our family with this?

Yes we can.

I am really feeling quite unwell and do not feel like putting on a show. Will I be comfortable?

We understand exactly how you are feeling. We help sick individuals to get well. Most of our cases are high-crisis.

I do not want anyone to know where I am. Will paparazzi find me there?

All of our locations are discreet and we are able to provide extra security when necessary.

Is everyone who works with The Scott © required to sign a confidentiality agreement?


I do not like to feel left out. Will I ever feel left out?

Never. We completely understand what you are going through. You will have a sense of belonging.

Do you have a gym?

Yes or you may have the option of a fitness trainer, physical therapist added in your treatment plan or light outdoor adventures in Treatment Tourism © locations.

Oh don't give me that spiritual treatment center stuff. What if I am an atheist and I want a non-spiritual treatment center?

That is why we tailor a treatment track to suit your needs. We have no religious affiliation. We respect your beliefs and/or non-beliefs.

Do I need an assessment first over the phone?

Yes. There is much work that is performed within the first week which requires intensive assessments by our team(s) of doctors. They will perform a clinical assessment to structure the most effective integrative treatment track.

I have very particular food preferences. Do you offer a special food menu?

We provide organic fresh food fare. A few of our Treatment Tourism © locations have no genetically modified foods on island (non-GMO).

What about smoking? Can I smoke?

Yes. We respect your right to smoke as long as it is in a designated area. We understand how difficult it is to detox from everything. We request out of respect for Mother Nature that you dispose of your butts appropriately. Did you know that birds, fish, turtles and more eat cigarette butts? and beaches around the world are turning into ashtrays? Please note that many of our clientele use electronic cigarettes.

What sort of outdoor therapeutic adventures do you provide?

Dependent upon the location our outdoor therapeutic adventures may be an underwater lagoon aquarium, world-famous snorkeling, scuba diving, pearl farming, sailing and canoeing excursions, secluded beach picnics, shark & ray feeding, surfing, fishing, shell hunting, hiking, nature walks, safari tours, jet skis, horseback riding on the beach, ATV, swimming, biking, wild-dolphin adventures, and more.

This all sounds lovely, but what if I am too ill to physically do anything?

Some clients are agoraphobic and/or have been housebound for years. We have special protocols for you.

What activities do you provide?

There are many wholesome activities that will be complementary to your treatment plan.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes. There is plenty of room to bring your precious pet. They will receive exceptional Pet Des Concierge © care.

May I bring my family, wife, husband, best friend, posse, or favorite co-dependent person(s)?

Yes you may. However, they will be required to get involved in our Family Des Concierge © plan in person or other form of communication.

May I bring illegal drugs or alcohol with me?

There are police dogs at every airport. If you or any fellow traveller smuggle any illegal drugs with you, you will be arrested. Do not under any circumstances whatsoever bring any illegal drugs with you to any location. All medications that are prescribed by a Doctor must be secured.

Will you help me book the flight?

Yes we will.

Do I need a passport?

Depending on which country you are traveling from you will need a passport. The Scott © hospitality assistant will help you with this if you do not have one.

Where can I get my passport approved quickly?

There are expedited passport services in your area. The fee will be close to $500 US Dollars or go to universal currency converter www.xe.com. If you have your required Birth Certificate you may get it overnight or in two to three days. In the USA if you do not have your birth certificate you may call the hospital where you were born and you can pick it up from there or they will send it to you. This may be the same protocol in your country. It is best to check online.

What do you offer that other addiction treatment centers do not offer?

Ask yourself this question: Are the finest treatment team(s) all in one location? They are from around the United States & Europe and must be flown in. We are on the pulse of the latest breakthrough medical detox protocols, addiction treatment, pain-management disciplines, mental health treatment and are working closely with PhDs, researchers, doctors and much more. When you check into a treatment center you are subjected to whomever happens to be working there at that time. We handpick multidisciplinary treatment team(s) to suit your needs for the same cost. We offer Treatment Home Healthcare © that is a proven long-term effective model adopted from the US Medical Boards. We provide spa accommodations on-site when requested. We are able to fly to you. One of our locations is beachfront framed by over 100 pristine white sandy beaches. We are private pay so you will not have a permanent record to protect one's future. We have no restrictions vs. insurance company rules and regulations.

Do you have accreditation?

Yes. We are accredited by WAATME.

Do you have a scholarship program?

We no longer provide this service. We have discovered that clients who pay want treatment.

Why are you called The Scott ©?

Scott J. Lavin was a humanitarian and heir to Alberto Culver V0-5 who donated his time and finances to help thousands of individuals go through treatment centers, sober living houses and more. His untimely overdose was the inspiration for The Scott ©. To find out more please visit "Our History" link.

Why is The Scott © so different from other treatment centers?

We listen to our clientele and their families regarding their particular medical detox and treatment requests. They helped us to develop our treatment plans. We offer our clientele the finest of everything because we want you and your family to get well. It is personally rewarding for everyone involved. We also provide comprehensive testing and Family Des Concierge © & Treatment Tourism ©. The reason other centers do not provide these treatment services is because insurance will not cover it.

If your concierge rehab reasons include experience, flexibility and privacy? It is time to contact The Scott ©.

Email us here: info@the-scott.com or call our 24 HOUR HELPLINE: 888.827.7736

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