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Do you want to check into a discreet U.S. concierge luxury location to heal? Reasons for You to ChooseConcierge Rehab of America ©
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Our clientele and their families expect PhDs, performance and privacy.

The Scott © presents discreet boutique private addiction treatment, medical detox (click on What We Do to find out more) at concierge rehab locations throughout major cities in the United States. You may choose a location of your choice or one of our exclusive locations.

Our top-flight medical and clinical team of doctors are from across the U.S. Have you asked yourself how can the finest doctors possibly be in one treatment center? They are not. They come from across America some of which will be flown in just for you.

Why choose The Scott © American Medical Boards model that is well researched and proven? It was not developed for marketing reasons like other models we know. It was developed to save lives.

The Scott © imbues a private medical, clinical, holistic and spiritual protocol that is an integrative intensive non-invasive treatment track tailored to each clients needs. Individuals are immersed in a medical and/or clinical rehabilitation framework centered around proven scientific and evidence based traditional and non-traditional therapies.


  • You have particular requests that do not fit within the traditional four white walls of treatment.
  • You do have requests that fit within the traditional framework of treatment yet require complete discretion, privacy and/or a clinical reboot.
  • Our prominent treatment team of PhDs and other doctors with additional credentials are progressive leaders in our field.
  • Our doctors are often sought after by universities, the media and peer-review journals.
  • Why you may want to choose to pay privately? Insurance companies restrict flexibility and addiction treatment services opposing the multidisciplinary medical and/or clinical care you require.
  • For U.S. Citizens: Did you know that your insurance company will keep your confidential information on permanent record for a lifetime? How will this affect you? Adversely, years later when anyone asks you to sign a health care release that will include your addiction or mental health record for a myriad of reasons. Your information is protected and not on permanent record when you pay privately.
  • Our breakthrough Treatment Home Healthcare © is a model we adopted and is practiced by American Medical Boards. Please visit our Treatment Home Healthcare © link to find out more.
  • Number one case study: You or your loved one has been in and out of treatment centers without success. This is the most common inquiry we receive from our clients and their families that have been in and out of the top treatment centers in the United States and abroad. Your treatment plan must be approached from a new perspective with a team of distinguished doctors that have worked successfully with thousands of individuals and their families.

What is the philosophy behind a scientific model?

Scientific models are researched, studied and proven protocols for addiction and other mental health disorders relating to alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, prescription drug addiction, agoraphobia, anxiety, bipolar, depression, addiction to gambling, PTSD, sleep disorders, sex addiction, trauma and more.

Our researchers are the original pioneers of scientific exploration on primates for decades to assist in developing programs for alcohol treatment centers, brain-injury rehabilitation, relapse prevention, chronic pain syndrome and dual diagnosis disorders.

Science has accelerated in the field of addiction and mental health at an advanced rate over the last thirty years. Dartmouth University has performed far and wide reaching research to scientifically conclude multidisciplinary disciplines within a medical or clinical framework that are learned and applied in residential treatment centers and aftercare treatment for addiction or other complexities work.


  • America & France are experiencing a prescription drug epidemic. An alarming rate of 36,000 fatal prescription drug overdoses are occurring each year and that number is growing exponentially.
  • Medical doctors, psychiatrists & psychopharmacologists are prescribing patients more drugs outside of a hospital than inside a hospital.
  • The FDA has not approved many prescription drugs for children under the age of 18. Many healthcare providers are unaware of the unapproved status of drugs and have continued to unknowingly prescribe them because the drugs’ labels do not disclose that they lack FDA approval.
  • Without psychological or physiological testing once you sign treatment center documents you or your loved will more than likely be prescribed more prescription drug medications than when you walked in.
  • For U.S. clients: Your insurance company will only approve minimum hours of treatment.
  • There has never been one magic pill in all of humanity that has ever stopped an alcoholic from drinking. Billions have walked this path to their demise.
  • It is life-threatening for an alcoholic not to have a medical detox.
  • It is life-threatening to ingest the equivalent amount of prescription drugs one was previously prescribed and/or even a quarter of the prescription within a few short months or days after a medical detox.
  • Our CEO & Director of Business Affairs is not on your medical and/or clinical team establishing undivided care.
  • Treatment works when you or your loved one is ready and if not, there is a proven path to help one prepare for readiness.
  • Case Study: Residential treatment center insists to a client their insurance is approved. Client checks into the treatment center. Client is informed a week later their insurance was not approved. Client is immediately removed from the treatment center premises. This is a common sequence of events.
  • You now understand superior and exceptional concierge rehab is available to you with a full medical and/or clinical treatment team(s) many of whom have developed programs at the top 10 American treatment centers or best drug rehab centers in the U.S.

Family Des Concierge ©

Addiction and mental health issues directly affect 11 people beginning with family and friends. The Scott © will provide minimal to extensive therapeutic wellness for the family. The family does not need to be in one location. The family does not need to be on-site. The whole family does not need to be involved. The Scott © will work with the family anywhere.

Spa Des Concierge ©

Since ancient times spa therapy has been a part of traditional medicine in many cultures. Many of our clients have ignored their hygiene for months or even years or they are uncomfortable being out in public. Physical wellness plays a distinctive role in successful rehabilitation. We help heal our clientele with unsurpassed and impeccable Spa Des Concierge ©. Everything from a manicure and pedicure to a haircut and a shave. Did you know that scientific research has discovered that spa therapy lower stress levels?

The Scott © imparts result-driven scientific and evidence based treatment tracks, traditional and innovative therapies, holistic healing to include Spa Des Concierge © contrary to a physically detrimental lifestyle.

Hospitality Courtesies & Business Amenities are always available.

Did you know that The Scott © is endorsed by scientific addiction researchers?

We have been there. We know. We can help.


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