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Phillip Seymour Hoffman May Have Won His Battle with Treatment Home Healthcare © (Addiction Treatment)

Bel Air, California (PRWEB) | Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014

"Alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse and illicit drug use do not discriminate. CEOs, physicians, celebrities and other 6 and 7 figure a year professionals can all succumb to the enormous suffering caused by addiction and the quagmire of pain-management," says Dr. Bob, Clinical Director.

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The Scott Treatment Des Concierge ©, discreetly known in well-mannered circles throughout the US, Europe, Middle East and more for its boutique 5 Star multimodality Medical Des Concierge © & Treatment Des Concierge © milieu has perfected a hybrid of high-end exemplary treatment tracks for addiction and pain-management clientele to include Treatment Home Healthcare ©. It is the carte blanche puzzle to inpatient-outpatient © treatment and is the most effective plan to date to rival any treatment center(s).

The model was adopted and has been practiced by U.S. Medical Boards with a 70% to 90% success rate for the 10% of doctors that are battling their own addictions in order to regain licensure. In other words, it is an evidence-based scientific researched model that works.

The Scott treatment team specializes in chronic alcoholism, multifaceted prescription drug abuse, level 0-10 and over pain-management, illicit drug use, depression, anxiety, grief, gut problems and innumerable other issues.

For example, DUI attorneys present to the court The Scott Treatment Home Healthcare © plan tethered with house arrest as a short or long-term strict curriculum that is inpatient-outpatient © in lieu of jail. Clients and families have chosen Medical Des Concierge © tightly braided with Treatment Home Healthcare © for long-term pain-management wellness and more.

View a Family Des Concierge © testimonial:

Physicians are held to the highest accountability in their private practices and hospitals. "Their colleagues are required to report them if suspected of drug and alcohol abuse," explains The Scott Treatment Des Concierge © CEO Kat Conway.

"Pain-management clients are prescribed more medications to the point of expecting an overdose vs. enduring the gripping fear of pain and withdrawal without proper medical supervision or knowing there is a handpicked collaborative treatment team available that can help them in their home because they cannot leave," Conway continues.

"Unexpected 30 day absences are the worst kept secrets stating the obvious that they are in treatment, so many suffer in silence for fear of being found out only to lose their hard-earned careers or tarnish their polished reputations or worse yet, tragically die," reveals Conway.

"The finest medical and clinical PhDs and other credentialed experts do not reside in one state or in one treatment center. This is why they are handpicked," illustrates Conway.

One does not have to leave their home or office to get the healthcare they desire. An individual can now choose a safe harbor whether it is at a chateau, client locale or on location.

The Scott multidisciplinary treatment team frequently provides services for Betty Ford, Harvard, Hazelden, Passages, Promises and many more.

The Scott is the ultimate source for adaptive treatment approaches. "I have met ivy league clients that are at deaths door, barely unable to speak or function and we have helped them turn their lives around. We understand and do not judge because half of my team jumped on the E-ticket ride through Hades before them, including me and/or our researchers and clinicians have worked tirelessly to invent therapies that have worked for thousands of people," says CEO Kat Conway.

Regarded as leaders in the field of exquisite mental and physical healthcare striving for the sick to get well.

To the outside world you may only be on holiday so there is no need to ever call attention to an illness.

The Scott Treatment Home Healthcare © where the passion for "healing lives" is a people business and a personal and private journey that is very possible for you and/or your loved one. If you believe it is not possible we invite you to call us now!

The Griffin Group

Director of Press Room


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’Five Star’ treatment center to open soon near Kilauea

LIHU’E – An upscale drug and alcohol treatment rehabilitation center recently opened near Kilauea hopes to draw clientele from across the country to “a vortex of healing energy” on Kaua’i's North Shore, according to the center’s founder and CEO.

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Described on its Web site as “an exclusive boutique recovery retreat treatment center for alcohol and drug abuse on the magnificent island of Kaua’i” and named for humanitarian Scott J. Lavin, who passed away in 1998 at age 48 after a battle with drug addiction, “The Scott” is now open for business and waiting for its first patients, Founder and CEO Kat Conway said Tuesday.

Conway, an entrepreneur who lived on O’ahu’s North Shore as a child and has now been sober for more than 20 years, spent more than a decade developing the concept since Lavin, her ex-fiancee, passed away.

She said she picked Kaua’i because “there’s something so special about the land” and “it reminds me of the old-time Hawai’i I used to know.”

Speaking on the phone from California, where she has designed the “Coola Hula” pool cover-up skirt, Conway said there are 32 treatment centers in Malibu alone, which gives alcohol and drug users “no place where they can go and hide out and really heal.”

While the admission prices for the center are not revealed on the Web site, Conway said they are “competitive” with other rehabilitation centers.

”We are vastly private and secluded. Our only focus is to change your life and help you learn to live a life of sobriety so that you can become the person that you were meant to be, ” Conway writes in a message on The Scott’s Web site. “ree from addiction and achieving new dreams that I personally promise are yet to be discovered! ”

The Scott has a roster of Ph.D’s and Psy.D’s and will be visited by world-renowned psychiatrists, therapists and art therapists, its Web site states.

The team already includes a state-certified addiction counselor, a holistic and Ho‘oponopono practitioner, and a neuroscientist and lomi lomi massage expert.

The 10,000-square-foot estate includes a spa and a path to a secluded beach. Up to eight patients at a time are served by a chef, trainer and butler. Conway declined to say where the center is located because she hopes it can keep a low profile that helps patients heal.

Dr. Brigitte Lank, a consultant to the center, is the former president of the Board of Directors for the National Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Addictions and has launched and consulted on several highly successful high-end alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers and frequently appears on ABC Nightline, a press release states.

While the center will seemingly target off-island patients, its success at serving its clients discreetly could eventually be a boon to local families struggling with drugs as well.

In addition to the creation of local jobs, Conway said part of the proceeds from The Scott will be donated to the Scott J. Lavin Foundation, a nonprofit organization that has among its goals the treatment of recovering alcoholics or drugs users on Kaua‘i and throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Conway also committed to having one space available for someone who cannot afford the intensive treatment if the nonprofit receives enough donations, and said she hopes to one day open a nonprofit residential treatment center or sober living house for the people of Kaua‘i.

For more information, visit www.the-scott.com.

Michael Levine, assistant news editor, can be reached at 245-3681 (ext. 252) or mlevine@kauaipubco.com

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Five-Star Alcohol & Drug Opens in Hawaii

The Scott (www.the-scott.com), as seen in The Robb Report, is an exclusive boutique treatment facility offering a distinctive blend of clinical therapy and spirituality for alcohol and drug rehabilitation, opens its doors on the North Shore of Kauai. The Island of Kauai is consistently ranked as one of the top tier islands in the world and was awarded Hawaii’s Best Island by Travel & Leisure Magazine and the Travel & Leisure World’s Best Award, one of the highest distinctions in the travel industry.

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Kauai, HI (PRWEB) February 2, 2010 — Scott J. Lavin, Humanitarian, International Businessman and Heir to Alberto-Culver VO5, whose charitable contributions supported thousands of alcoholics and substance abusers through the best treatment centers and sober living houses, is the inspiration for The Scott, the new five-star treatment center now open on the Island of Kauai. Tragically, Scott died from his own battle with drug addiction.

There is a demoralizing aspect to having a huge salary and a huge bonus and then having to look for a job that is going to pay much, much less. What I’m hearing is a terrible sense of betrayal, anxiety and people experiencing lots of stress. The Scott arrives at a critical time in the treatment industry, as the stand-alone, private, boutique treatment facility has been replaced by the larger treatment of clinical care. The Scott is able to provide individual treatment and recovery to those who suffer from many forms of addiction. Its holistic and integrated model is client centered – not corporate centered The Scott is an ethical and exclusive treatment center with a team comprised of world-renowned addiction doctors and esteemed counselors, many of whom have long-term recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction. This exclusive inpatient rehabilitation center enjoys a secret path to its very own secluded beach, panoramic ocean views, is perched amidst a classic Hawaiian lush landscape and exudes the comfort and warmth of Aloha. The price point rivals that of other treatment centers and the location, exquisite.

The down-turned economy plays a role in the need for a facility such as The Scott. In a CNN.com report, “Hard Times in America” Dr. Rosalind Dorlen, a clinical psychologist in Summit, New Jersey, comments on the connection between hard times and addiction. She states, “There is a demoralizing aspect to having a huge salary and a huge bonus and then having to look for a job that is going to pay much, much less. What I’m hearing is a terrible sense of betrayal, anxiety and people experiencing lots of stress.” This can lead to an increase in unhealthy coping behaviors, such as alcohol consumption or drug dependency.

“The Scott arrives at a critical time in the treatment industry, as the stand-alone, private, boutique treatment facility has been replaced by the larger treatment “corporatization” of clinical care. The Scott is able to provide individual treatment and recovery to those who suffer from many forms of addiction. Its holistic and integrated model is client centered – not corporate centered,” points out Dr. Brigitte Lank, Consultant for The Scott.

The Scott Team executes intensive boutique style therapies that are both clinically traditional, along with a 12-step framework, and non-traditional practices such as Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice of making things right with the world. The upscale alcohol and drug rehab offer light nature excursions throughout the island, business amenities for those clients who need them, and butler service. However, an ethical treatment-model and privacy are always imperial, beyond the luxury accoutrements. They are also able to refer the countries top interventionists for interventions.

“Alcoholics, drug addicts, prescription drug addicts, and more relate best to a professional treatment team who have gone through similar battles. The Scott team is 100% committed to helping our clients recover in the most healing surroundings with a solid foundation. I am always on the lookout for any new cutting-edge treatment that will save a life, as well as a fierce advocate of the Tried & True. Here is the question I have to ask myself? If Scott were alive today, still battling his substance abuse disorder, would this new form of treatment have helped him? That is my Five-Star standard!” points out Kat Conway, Founder and CEO. Tailored to be spa-oriented, rather than the traditional, clinical feel of other facilities, The Scott Spa amenities include a broad spectrum of spa elixir vitae to rejuvenate and help clients feel better about themselves physically.

Visit the website for more information at The-Scott.com.

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