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a hybrid of a U.S. medical boards model

Medical Concierge

Why choose The Scott © luxury medical concierge? Let's begin by telling a little story. There once was a family with a parent that had several surgeries. What the family, and parent discovered was a surprising amount of duress after several attempts on their own to manage previous post surgery after care. They found that cohesive coordinated medical concierge care is a startling amount of work, not for the faint of heart, and much too much work for any family, especially when a family member lives out-of-state, must fly back and forth, or family members have their own family's, their own businesses to run, you may write in your own scenario here. Due to the unanticipated stress, consistent disjointed care, lack of expertise and oversight on the part of the professionals they hired, and so much more, on the third go around The Scott © medical concierge team was chosen..

A medical concierge is a comprehensive sophisticated healthcare model for any individual, family, or business associate that desires round-the-clock attentive luxury medical care.

A compelling medical plan that goes beyond a sterile office, or insurance dominated hospitals that tend to release patients too early. The Scott © medical concierge provides cohesive coordinated luxury medical care. Ideal for clientele that desire a concierge medically assisted medical detox, post surgery medical concierge, compassionate and seasoned care.

Three simple reasons you may want to choose The Scott © medical concierge:

  1. VIP medicine
  2. Full concierge medical team at your home, hotel, or other luxury location
  3. Pressure, stress, and expectations eliminated immediately by family, friends, and/or business associates

This high-end VIP medical plan is not covered by insurance, considered private concierge medicine, and requires a retainer. The Scott © has worked with medical clientele from one weekend up to three full years. We specialize in emergency situations, fine details, privacy, and luxury concierge medical requests. It is a higher level of medical care that is an excellent fit for those that do not want to be in a hospital rehabilitation setting with other sickly patients. You may want to be in the privacy of your own home, and have a VIP medical concierge come to you. You may want to bow-tie multiple plans such as: Medical Des Concierge © with Spa Des Concierge ©, Medical Des Concierge © with Treatment Des Concierge ©, or you may just want to keep it simple. You may also want to continue with your life seamlessly, and we are most certainly adept at helping to make this happen as comfortably as possible anywhere in the world.

We strongly advise, based on our experience, and stories tpld to us by our clientele, that you seriously consider The Scott © medical concierge for your private care. We will fly to you immediately, it will be as luxurious as possible, you will work with a team of the finest medical experts in the country, it will be cohesive, and coordinated. Luxury medical concierge for your well-being and full recovery.

Please contact The Scott © medical concierge today, and let us know how we may help you.

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