Discreet Advanced Concierge Luxury Rehab for the discerning clientele
from the U.S., Canada, Europe, India & The Middle East
a hybrid of a U.S. medical boards model

Inpatient Treatment: Luxury Concierge #Rehab Worldwide

Are all luxury inpatient rehab centers red-carpet concierge? No. Moreover, The Scott © is a seasoned expert on this platform. 99% of all center-centric insurance influenced luxury inpatient rehabs are focused on coercing you to their location(s), deliver basic controlled amenities, a school-like group setting with other dysfunctional patients, activities to keep you busy vs. scientific treatment protocols, and 12-step program attendance for everyone as they are free for insurance companies to participate in. A large percentage of our clientele have already been to many of these treatment centers. The Scott © rolls out luxury advanced medical or clinical treatment care with a cohesive team of the top professionals, treatment plans realistic to your real-life, business flexibility for high-functioning professionals, individual concierge or family focus only (as there is an immense amount of work to be performed with one client and their significant other, or family, let alone a group), and The Scott © presents choices.

We believe that rolling out the red-carpet just for you and/or your family with boutique advanced care that we adopted from a U.S. Medical Boards Model alongside elite experts is the tenet of luxury rehab and concierge treatment. Your particular circumstances without question require finely tuned details for an attainable long-term medical or clinical treatment plan, to include Family Des Concierge © or Couple Des Concierge ©, comfortable testing, and assessments with experienced doctoral educated clinicians, and is a welcome relief for many. Each case, and family has a very unique set of assessed circumstances that are unquestionably specific. Our treatment plans are comprehensive, personalized, scientifically practiced, and proven with long-term success. At the helm are very smart doctors, many of whom have conquered their own addictions, or medical challenges to later become doctors, or have dedicated their entire lives to developing treatments seeded by the unbearable loss of a loved one whom succumbed to an addiction, and more. You, and your family are the ones that now benefit from our rich history.

Most importantly, you will be receiving a measureably superior standard of advanced inpatient treatment care only granted to doctors challenged by their own afflictions. The Scott © has adopted and developed a hybrid of the U.S. Medical Boards Model that is extraordinarily successful with our clientele, and their families. Enjoying the serenity and beauty of a particular venue may be a clinical choice for you, and is referred to as a 'clinical reboot'. Furthermore, the choice may or may not be yours due to the courts or pressing family issues, but with concierge inpatient treatment you will have the option to choose from a variety of discreet luxury rehabilitation locations in the United States, luxury-rehab-europe-rehab-dubai, on a private and peaceful island, or a location of your choosing.

You may relax and reclaim your wellness in an old-world luxury-rehab-europe-rehab-dubaian chateau, chosen for its antiquity, elegance, historic and authentic ambiance, or in an exclusive boutique beachfront five-star setting capturing magnificent views of a calm turquoise sea with the gentle sound of soft waves crashing on a white sandy beach while palm trees sway like a plumeria lei.

We rollout distinctive intensive luxury addiction, co-occurring, pain-management, or medical concierge locations worldwide, as well as intimate white-glove in-home integrative care with a multidiscipolinary team of esteemed credentialed experts in our field that are flown in from around the country to help you get well.

Whether you are considering inpatient or outpatient treatment, close to home or far away from the prying eyes of the world, The Scott © is accomplished in rolling out concierge luxury rehab medical or clinical care with respect, seasoned expertise, your wellness as a long-term attainable goal, with a concierge flair.

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